Norbert Ellul-Vincenti 

First Impressions

First impressions may not be all important in the final resort, but first impressions do have their due weight on the index of telling values; they introduce us to an artist or to a new work of art, at least, as they do introduce us to our friends or to our future partner in life. 

First impressions of Fabio Borg’s work tell us they are full of vibrant colour;  his colours are not only clean and transparent,  almost like watercolours,  but they are clear-cut and independent of each other, abruptly introducing a new level,  and hardly ever merging into one another. The paintings have depth and levels, stridently in dialogue or contrast with each other, forming shape through colour, but not eschewing clean-cut lines,  which often lead the eye behind a shade or fleeting form. 

It does not take long to dawn on one that here is a designer turned painter, or a painter who could be a designer when he wanted. He is fresh, clean, decided and determined, colourful and inventive. 

When, as time goes on, you get to know the artist better, your eyes are opened to prophecy and mysticism, profound religiousness and deep social concern. 

But, as no religiousness is possible in an artist without genuine art, so Fabio Borg’s painting  draws out its life-giving breath from the discipline of design. 


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